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If your child needs help with English, Kip McGrath Education Centre in Camden is looking forward and delighted to help your child.  Our English tutors in London teach children from the age of 6 to 16. Our early age tutoring is focused on fundamental knowledge a child needs to acquire in his/her early age. We train them in reading, spelling and writing.

English private tuition

We cover everything from early reading difficulties to advanced learning.  We carry out an initial assessment to identify any areas of concern. Based on the findings of the assessment our English tutors set an individual education programme. It is specifically designed to challenge the area of concern and enable them to achieve the desired academic goals.

Reading is perhaps one of the essential skills of life. However, for many children learning to read is a difficult experience that can make both parents and children anxious and distressful.  At Kip McGrath Camden in London we teach your child to read using a combination of phonics and sight word recognition alongside reading passages and comprehension.  Our private tuition aims at building a confidence and excellence in education of you your child.


English Lessons in Camden

Your child is going to work with the top proven Kip McGrath learning method and follow an English lesson plan tailored specifically for them. They will use a computer, in combination with the teacher’s supervision. We will make sure that a child understands each step of the learning process and gets the right support when needed.


 Making English learning fun!

Our qualified English teachers always make sure that students enjoy coming to the Centre and are fully engaged in the English learning process. We aim to emphasize the best in your child, through respectful professional manners and a friendly tone.

Our teaching classrooms make children feel safe and welcome, which is one of the reasons why they love coming back.


English for kids!

Our English tutors in London believe that your child can shine! Kip McGrath’s programme will allow them to perform their best in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and many other areas in which they may be struggling with right now. You will see your child’s confidence grow significantly after getting better marks at school and moving forward by achieving their goals.


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