Frequently Asked Questions

I never heard of Kip McGrath are you new?
We are not new, we have been tutoring kids for 36 years. We are the best tutoring company you can find in London and in many other countries internationally. Kip McGrath Education Centre Camden is specialised in tutoring local kids from age 6 to 16 in English and Maths.  Our establishment is prominent in the field of tutoring and forerunner in teaching English and Maths for the last 36 years. Its operation stretches across 20 countries and owns 660 centres internationally. Kip McGrath Education Centre Camden is one of the 330 centres in the UK.  We carry out a free assessment on every child to find out what he/she can and cannot do, in order to set an appropriate programme that help the educational need of a child. Our classes are led by qualified tutors who have experience in teaching the subject for years. The session is 80 minutes long, and broken into 6 to 8 computer and paper based pieces of tasks. The classes are very small, up to 6 maximum number of children for one teacher. We ensure every child has that desired individual attention from his/her teacher.

What subjects do you teach?
We teach children English and Maths. Our English tutoring Programme is primarily focused on teaching Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, Creative Writing, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation, Essay Writing, SATS and GCSE.

While our Maths Programme covers areas such as, Basic number skills , Mental Maths, Time tables, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Algebra, Geometry, Problem solving, Time, Money, Place value, Measurement, SATS and  GCSE. Classes are set both for Primary and Secondary School students.

How much do you charge and how long is your session?

Our sessions are 80 minutes long. The length of the sessions are well researched and proven that it is a duration  a child could focus and work effectively with interest of learning. The chunks of up to 6 small tasks that will take up to 10 minutes each will also make the learning process interesting.
Our charge for a sessions of tutoring will be £27 for a child, in the case of siblings it will be reduced to £25 each.

 What ages do you teach?

We teach children from age 6 to 16 years old. In some instances we also take kids of 5 years old age and prepare them for school, we have a programme suitable  for preschool learning as well.

 Do you help prepare students for exams? 

We do exam preparation for the Grammar School Entrance tests, end of year exams and GCSE Maths and English. It is important you register well in advance of the exam period so that we ensure that your child is prepared for these challenging and crucial level of exams.

 How do I know that my child will improve?

Your child education will greatly improve if they are supported by additional private tutoring along with their school teaching. Therefore, supporting by outstanding private tutoring of Kip McGrath Education Centre Camden will equip your child with the desired excellence and greater educational. Our programme is unique and designed to improve both the academic capability of a child as well as self-confidence.

 How long will it take to solve my child’s problem? 

Every child is different and each child has a different learning difficulties. After the initial assessment, we will be able to provide you with a good indication as to how long it take to progress. We monitor this by continuous assessment and tackle the challenging areas in order to ensure the desired goal is achieved.

We will also provide regular parental feedback.  We do not have a contractual term that tie you up to stay with us for a period of time. If for any reasons you decided that you do not wish your child to attend our centre, all we ask is a two weeks’ notice.

Will you come to my house to do a one to one tutoring?

All tutoring is done at our Centre. This is because we believe that children learn better and benefit from well organised centre based tutoring.  Our centre is well equipped with the materials that are needed to successfully carry out the designed programme and to help each child individually.

How does the initial assessment work?

Once you are happy by having an initial chat with one of our centre managers and decided to bring your child for tutoring, the first and foremost thing we do is to assess your child to see what he/she can and cannot do.  We will find this out by providing an assessment that is suitable for the child’s age and school year in both English and Maths. This assessment will last 30 to 45 minutes, at the end of the assessment we will advise on areas where the child needs help and the recommended programme.

 Is one session per week enough for my child to improve?

Our lessons are 80 minutes long and one session per week is sufficient while two are recommended if the child is struggling.  The length of a session supported by years of study and research to find out the length of time a child could stay focued and work effectively during the learning process. In our centre the 80 minutes tutoring – has broken up into six short activities, designed to keep them keen and interested. Any longer session than this has proven to  lead a child to be unsettled and destructive, therefore, he/she will not be able to continue learning as expected.

 What days and time can my child attend tutoring at your centre?

Our classes are running after School Monday to Friday currently from 4:30 pm to 5:50. On Saturday at the moment we have two sessions but we are intending to add two more sessions in future. However, the current classes are running from 11am to 12:20pm and 1:30pm to 3:50pm.

Do children have homework?

We consider homework is an important part of Kip McGrath Camden programme, particularly for younger students who are learning to read. We are mindful of the school workload a child has, therefore, we limit and provide a homework that should not last more than 40minutes. If there child unable to do the provided homework we definitely want you to let us know so that we will figure out the best alternative.