English and Maths Lessons




Structure of the English and Maths lessons

Our programme is divided into paper and computerised lessons of small chunks of tasks that contain up to 8 pieces of work to be completed during 80 minutes of session. To make the class interesting and increase the concentration span on every task, we move students every 10 minutes from paper work to computer and vice versa.

These tasks are well researched to meet the learning requirements of our small group of children.

The following are some of the founded benefits and values of tutoring in 5 to 6 groups.

  1. Students work better when others are around them.  They are more focused , active and proud of what they can individually achieving
  2. The key aim of tutoring is to develop independent learners. Children will quickly pick and develop this independence if they are shown how to do it on their own.
  3. It is less threatening and better for learning to give space to students to learn independently and to know that the help of teachers is at hand when its needed.
  4. Students move far more confidently from a small group tutoring of 5 to 6 students as opposed to a large group of 25 to 35 and one-to-one tutoring.
  5. Students build self-esteem by being role models for others in the group
  6. Students enjoy meeting other students. Friendship is a powerful motivator, learning in a structured, cheerful, and well monitored environment brings just that.



Why choosing our private tuition in Camden Town?

Are you wondering why choosing Kip McGrath Education Centre Camden as your tuition centre for your child? We will tell you why we are different:

  • Small group limited to 5 students maximum tutorials after school give children the opportunity to excel and reach to their potential.
  • Leading professionals in tutoring kids in English and Maths for 36 years over 20 Countries.
  • Tutoring at Kip McGrath is beyond the text book, we develop the inquisitive mind and foster the knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
  • We prepare students to achieve a specific objectives such preparation for 11+ and GCSE and A level support
  • Our tutors are available to discuss your child’s progress after every sessions. You also will have an opportunity to discuss your concerns.
  • We offer a reassessment every 10 weeks to monitor the progress of every child