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maths tutors camdenMATHS TUTORS IN CAMDEN

At Kip McGrath Camden we truly believe that every child is able to succeed in Maths if they receive the right guidance and support.

We offer maths private tuition to children from the age of 6 to 16 in London.

Our Maths Programme covers:

Basic number skills , Mental Maths, Time tables, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Algebra, Geometry, Problem solving, Time, Money, Place value, Measurement, SATS and  GCSE

 Our highly qualified Maths teachers are trained to build essential confidence and self esteem in your child.

We believe this will make a significant difference when it comes to their school results.

Maths lessons in Camden Town, London

Each Maths lesson is tailored specifically for your child’s needs and focuses on the gaps that they have and that need to be improved.
After 33 years of teaching kids worldwide we know that Maths is fun! Our aim is to bring out the children’s best possible performance in each of Maths sub fields such as sums, multiplication, algebra, geometry and much more.

We and our maths tutors aim for your child to truly fulfill their potential and reach their peak.

You can book a free assessment session in our Kip McGrath Centre in Camden Town where all your questions will be answered by a maths tutor. Following the initial assessment, you will get an individual plan for your child from our teachers.


Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields. From calculating restaurant tips to navigating investment decisions to following medication instructions, the ability to understand numbers is essential to functional living.
Our Maths tutors in London will support you with your children’s maths throughout their school years. You’ll also find advice from the Maths tutors on what your child is learning at school and how to make maths fun at home.