Ofsted & Fees support


 Ofsted Registered Centre

 Registration Number: EY489670


We are Ofsted Registered tuition Centre. Our Ofsted registration number is EY489670.  This means if you are claiming or entitled to claim Working Tax Credits, 70% of the weekly tuition fee of your child will be paid by HM Revenue and Customs along with your Working Tax credits. If you are struggling to make the application, please let us know as we are happy to assist.

As Ofsted registered centre, we can also accept a Childcare Vouchers from your employer. Childcare vouchers are offered by employers to their employees as a staff benefit. If you receive Child Care Vouchers as part of your salary you can use this to pay for your child’s tutoring. You have to provide our details to your employer’s Childcare Voucher provider in order to use the Childcare Voucher in our tutoring centre. If your employer does not currently operating this scheme, it is worth bringing to their attention by stating the mutual benefit and savings you both will have.  The full amount of the Childcare payment is free of tax and National Insurance for the employee and the employer.