What Do Our Kip McGrath Parents Say?

“I am the mother of a 10yr old boy who is going into 6th class this September. He has been attending Kip Mc Grath for nearly 1 year and in that period of time he has gone up a number of levels in both his English and Maths.

I decided to have him attend Kip Mc Grath once weekly for 1.5hrs as he had fallen significantly behind at school in 3yr and 4yr.

He is now above average in Maths and at 5th class level in English. I am a lot happier and he is enjoying learning again as he had lost interest.

He will continue to attend Kip Mc Grath throughout 6th class which I know will set him up for secondary school.

He loves attending, does not see it as a chore particularly as he becomes better and better at it.

Anybody can do it.”

Brigid O’Brien


“My daughter has benefitted greatly from tuition at Kip McGrath. Her teachers have told us that her English and Maths have come on hugely, and at the last Parent-Teacher evening we were told she had moved up several sublevels in a few months. She enjoys the sessions very much and finds them fun, as well as useful.”

Professor Esther Leslie